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myDNA Health and
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Discover your ancestry and receive
actionable insights from your genetic data.

Get a comprehensive breakdown of your acenstry, connect with your DNA relatives, and empower yourself to make healthier decisions through a DNA-powered approach to wellness.

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myDNA Personalized Wellness Reports

Conveniently delivers nutrition and fitness DNA insights to you—helping you live your healthiest and happiest life without the guesswork!

30+ DNA insights

DNA Insights

Receive insights related to your health and wellness—all based on your DNA


One Size Does Not Fit All

Work with your unique body, not against it. Use your DNA Insights from myDNA Wellness to

Includes Family Finder™

Discover your origins and connect with your autosomal DNA relatives.

myOrigins Population Breakdown

Get a breakdown of your ancestry percentages
and discover where your DNA is from.

Connect with your relatives within the last 5 generations

View, sort, and compare your autosomal DNA matches.

Learn if you have a connection with ancient European groups

What amount of autosomal DNA do you carry from ancient European groups?

Compare matching segments of DNA with your genetic matches

See where on your chromosomes your matches
share DNA with you.

Intermediate Y-DNA Haplogroup

Unlock your intermediate Y-DNA haplogroup to trace the origins of your direct paternal line ancestors and see how they migrated across the globe over thousands of years.

Start your personalized wellness journey.

No more trial and error—remove the guesswork from your nutrition and fitness! Access the myDNA Wellness platform and put your DNA insights into action.

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Family Finder™

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Family Finder™ + myDNA Wellness

Family Ancestry

myOrigins®: Get a breakdown of your ancestral origins.

DNA relatives: connect with your DNA relatives across the globe.

Family Finder Matching tools: Discover new relatives and compare the DNA segments that you share with your matches.

Explore Deep Ancestry

 Genetic males receive a Y-DNA haplogroup that traces the migration of your paternal line ancestors

myDNA Wellness

30+ DNA Insights: Receive genetic insights related to your health and wellness.

DNA-powered plans: 30 Day Free Membership to DNA-powered mean and workout plans tailored to your unique body.

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Who is myDNA?

Founded in 2007, myDNA Inc is the parent company of FamilyTreeDNA and myDNA, which means we are all part of the same family.
By leveraging the world’s leading genotyping technology, scientific algorithms, and acquiring decades of knowledge from our team of scientific and health experts, myDNA removes the guesswork from health and wellness. myDNA turns your DNA into actionable, personalized insights and recommendations, so you feel empowered to make long-term, sustainable lifestyle changes to live a healthier life.